Toxic Mould Support Group Australia

I came across this group a year ago though Facebook. They have a fairly large support group on Facebook of over 1200 members. This is a fantastic resource where you can feel safe asking people questions who have been in the same situation before. Illness cause by mould can be devastating and its good to know people out there who can help you through this season.

ERMI Testing

Ermi testing has recently become more popular type of mould testing as of late as it is able to test mould down to DNA level. It is particularly important if you need to know the types of mould in your property down to a subspecies level. It is also important in establishing and providing proof in finding the cause of the mould damage.

Below are some more links which you may want to read through to understand a bit more about it:

  • Biotoxin Illness -This is a summary of someones experience with Biotoxin Illnesss, it goes through how ernie testing has benefited them,
  • Mycometrics — As of last year most of our ermi samples were sent out toe Mycometrics in the US.
  • MouldLab Australia — As of this year, Mould lab are analysing mould samples as Australia’s only place to have ernie samples analysed

Australian Mould Remediation Specialists Facebook Group

This is a Facebook group which I started a year ago which is only for Mould Remediation Specialists in Australia. If you have completed IICRC training in Mould Remediation, please feel free to send a request to join. Here we talk about how to make move the industry forward and better service our clients.

For Specialised Commercial HVAC Mould Remediation

For Brisbane HVAC Mould Removal, we recommend Total Ventilation Hygiene. We have used their services on larger commercial mould removal projects where there are large air conditioning systems which need to be remediated.

Mould Removal Courses Australia

The standard for training in Australia in mould remediation is through the iicrc (the institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification). All mould remediation specialists in Australia should be qualified in this standard. The two companies in Australia which facilitate  this training as far as I am aware are

Another organisation which facilitates training (not IICRC) but still quality is:

Moisture Control for Illness Prevention

This is a document produced by the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” over in the states outlining how building moisture can influence you health negatively. It outlines possible illnesses as well as how to identify and remove the source of building moisture. It also give specific case studies to outline certain points.