Mould Removal Tips

Removing mould doesn’t have to be as hard as you think, if you know what you are doing. We have all the tips and know-how you might need to remove mould fast and effectively. Please look down below for links to articles about removing mould.


How To Get Rid of Mould

Through this article we explain the steps needed to remove of mould fast and effectively.

Removing Mould from Walls

If you have problems with mould, specifically on walls, please have a look at this link. It will tell you how and why we remove mould off walls this way.

To do all of this you will need the right products to complete the cleaning properly. Please have a look at our page below for the use of the right (and wrong chemicals) to use when cleaning mould:

How to Kill Mould

In this page, we explain what exactly kills mould and what chemicals achieve this. Have a Look!

Mould Remover Products — Why they won’t work

Many products claim that they can clean mould properly, but can they really? Through this article, we show that using the typical supermarket bought products will not work.

Please call us now to have a chat about any mould problems you might be having. We can assist in giving advice or if you are interested, we can organise a technician to come have an inspection at the property.