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    We have been working in mould remediation since 2002 and since then we have found out people would like to have a local Brisbane resource where they can find out more about mould and mould removal procedures. Please feel free to view the below information


    What is Mould

    What is Mould: Some Facts You Need to Know If you have mould in your home or business, you really should understand some basic facts about them. I have listed a whole heap below for [...]

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    We restore mould affected properties. We reduce the health risk experienced by the occupants

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    Our mould inspections will outline a possible cause of the mould and give you a plan to remove the mould without residual problems.

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    Air Conditioning Mould Removal

    Commercial and domestic air conditioner mould removal

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    Steps on How to remove Mould for Good

    Almost every home gets mould. In this article we’ll tell you how to identify mould, what steps you should take to get rid of it. Mould Assessment and Correct the Moisture Source A house that [...]

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    Mould Removal in 7 Steps

    Isn’t it frustrating when you have been cleaning the mould, only to find that it have come back again? Don’t you hate the toxic mould symptoms that are affecting your health? This is why we [...]

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