Almost every home gets mould. In this article we’ll tell you how to identify mould, what steps you should take to get rid of it.

  1. Mould Assessment and Correct the Moisture Source

A house that has a gutter overflow for months is susceptible to mould growth. Since the water has gone down through the cavity and walls remained wet for several days. After you have assessed that it’s mould, the next step is to strip out the walls and treat the Studwork to get ready for the plasterer to come.

  1. Use HEPA filter

The room should have a negative pressure. This means you need a vent of air going out through the window and the cavities closed, so the leak of air that goes through the room will cross flow and go straight out at the window.  Then you need to put a HEPA filter in each area to filtrate the air and bring the air filtration down to .3 microns. This step will lock in any spoils sitting on the surface.

  1. Consult a Mycologist

By using a HEPA vacuum, the spoils larger than .3 microns will pass through it and will not dispense unfiltrated air throughout the room. Then right after, you need to take an a sample out of the wall into a cartridge and give to a mycologist. He will analysed it and with this process you will find out what type of genera the mould is and also the concentration levels.

After the remediation process, it is essential to take another surface sample off in the wall and bring to the mycologist. This way they can gauge the successfulness of the remediation and give it a clearance pass.

  1. Treat the Surface

Even if the room is under negative pressure, there is still going to be an element of particulate matter floating around the room and this thing could drop onto any item within the room. It’s important you wipe all items throughout the room. The best and safest solution is using a naturally brewed vinegar mixture about 20% water. Use it with a microfibre cloth and dip it into the solution to wipe on the area. You can then rinse it off in clean water.

The vinegar and and the microfibre cloth are very good method of cleaning. As the mycologist recommended, the mould will overfeed on the vinegar and therefore will kill it.

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