If you found mould growth in your property, removing it with natural mould remover products may help solve the mould issue assuming you have dealt with the moisture problem first.. Here are few tips on mould removal.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Mould Removal PPE

Be it a small mould contaminated surface, you need to wear protective equipment such as HEPA filtered mask with a carbon filter to prevent potential health issues  which can be related to the exposure to toxic mould.

HEPA Vacuuming

mould-vacuumeThe first step to using natural mould remover as a cleaning chemical is to HEPA vacuum to remove any spores from the surfaces before commencing cleaning. HEPA vacuum cleaner has 2nd stage filtration system that is High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. It traps all the spores in the vacuum cleaner and prevent redistribution around the house during the cleaning process..

Use Vinegar as a Natural Mould Remover

Mix 80% white vinegar to 20% water solution with a microfibre cloth. Or you can also use white distilled vinegar and pour it into a bucket with the water. You can then wipe the affected area with the cloth and rinse out the residue in a clean water bucket. The process can be repeated.vinegar

It is not recommended to use Tea Tree Oil to clean mouldy surfaces. Removing mould with essential oils such as rosemary, cinnamon, tea tree and oregano will not treat the surface, because the oils act only as antifungal that kills the fungi. Dead mould spores which remain after the treating with essential oils may still remain. These dead spores are still considered to be an allergen, hence the mould issue will not be resolved.  


For small mould contaminated area, the mould removal tips shall be helpful. Your health is wealth, so always wear protective equipment to prevent cross contamination. Use a HEPA vacuum cleaner that has 2nd stage filtration system, and treat the mould surface with the vinegar solution. But if you are unsuccessful, a trained mould remediator is recommended to contain the area and remove the mould.

As seen in the information of this article, natural mould remover solutions can be effective when used in the correct process and the mould is physically removed. If you want any more information, it is advised you call a professional to inspect and provide a solution for your mould problem.

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