Time to make your bathroom look like a million bucks. Removing the mould in the grout lines of your bathroom can create a considerable difference in the appearance of your bathroom. Lets have a look at how to remove mould in your bathroom.

Why is there Mould in the First place?

This bit is important. If you don’t know why the mould is happening in the first place, then it is likely that it will return again after spending all your time cleaning it up. Lets look at the factors which create mould:

  • Moisture
  • Food Source

Just control these factors then you can help control the mould in your bathroom. Some ideas to reduce mould:

  • Install an exhaust fan which vents outside (not to the ceiling cavity)
  • Have some sort of vent or window which is open when steam is being produced in the shower
  • Open the window during the day can keep door open to the bvathrom

How to Remove the Mould From Silicone in bathroom

We usually replace the silicone to remove the mould, if scrubbing with a soapy solution does not work. Check out this pretty useful video I found which does this:

Removing the mould in the grout lines

If found this grout cleaning video on the web below. It should a pretty easy solutions using house hold products.

grout-cleaning brush

You will see that she used hydrogen peroxide to clean the grout. This is what professionals use as well. I would recommend using gloves, a mask (P3 rated) and purchasing a grout cleaning brush from a hardware store as well. See picture to the right.

If this fails, you may need to consider a professional to clean your grout.

Mould on the bathroom ceiling

Very common, especially in winter as the water from the steam will condensate on the ceiling and this provides a food source for the mould. So how do we remove it.

I did a video in a collaboration with Mould Lab which explains the process using a vacuum cleaner, vinegar and a microfibre cloth.tip-vacuum-used-for-cleaning-mould

Before the ceiling is wiped down, ensure you vacuum the area with a HEPA rated vacuum with brush tip.

To clean the surface, you mix a mould cleaning solution as 80% vinegar and 20% water then you clean the area with a cloth first then clean again with another cloth with just water to rinse away the residue.


If you want to remove mould in your bathroom, look at whats causing it, manage the source of the mould, then remove the mould using the steps above.

Now, if this does not work and the mould is making you sick, call a professional such as the Mould Removal Brisbane team. We can inspect the mould problem for you and consult on creating a plan to remove it. If you choose, we can do the complete remediation for you. Call now for a free phone consultation 1300 346 988.