Mould Removal costs are determined in the initial inspection of the affected property. The initial inspection should be an in depth look at the cause of the mould problem and in many cases involve mould testing to determine the extent of the damage. Therefore we must consider the factors which will most greatly affect the total mould removal costs in Brisbane. Lets explore them below:

Mould Sampling Costs

Sometimes the cause of the mould problem is not immediately known. Mould sampling can be used in this instant to test areas of the property to find out a cause. For instance, in many properties we may do mould air test immediately outside the property and inside the property to determine if the same speceies of mould is present in both tests. This can determine if the mould issue originates from outside.

There may be some costs once the mould removal has finished call post verification testing. This will confirm we have achieved the goals of the project and the mould has been removed.

Costs for mould sampling varies from $99+ per sample.

Cost to rectify of Mould Cause

We are not talking about what it costs to remove and clean the mould here. We are talking specifically on the cost of targeting what is causing the mould cause and correcting this.

How much is it going to cost to correct the problem which is causing the mould? This can greatly affect the total mould removal cost. In one property we went to, we found the ceilings were beyond recovery and need to be replaced. This can only be determined in the intial mould inspection which includes testing.


This is a Typical Air Scrubber which we use.

Hepa Scrubber Hire Costs

Hepa scrubbers are used to filter the air from present mould spores. This is critical in the mould removal process because you do not want mould spores spreading thoughout the property as the mould is being re mediated. This can cause an even worse problem.

Daily Hire Starts at $165+ per day.


Some consideration must be made for the disposal of non-recoverable items. Usually these costs can be attributed to the Cost of hiring a Skip Bin.

General Remediation Costs

The initial inspection will give a scope on what needs to be completed to remove the mould at the property. A qualified professional with years of experience should be scoping the job to ensure accurate estimates.


The main theme of this post is getting an accurate mould assessment and quote done to determine the costs of the remediation. The mould removal costs will vary greatly on many factors listed above. A good mould removal specialists will understand this and know the correct methods to correct the mould source and what testing is required.

If you have need Brisbane mould removal. Please call us today on 1300 346 988 so we can help you determine the costs of mould removal for you.